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The Cooperative tasks of English Department

Teachers in English Department are implementing and cooperating as follows:

  • To be effective in teaching and learning process, teachers make lesson plans that allow for sufficient time to cover the learning, practice and assessment of the required knowledge and skills.
  • To evaluate students’ capacity, students have to take tutorial tests and feedback is given to each student after assessment.
  • To improve students’ English language skills, teachers help the students practice language and skill activities.
  • To enrich general knowledge, teachers share knowledge to students occasionally during lecture.
  • To check grammar errors for BE thesis and assist students who sit for scholarship examination.

Constitution of English Department

1Daw Khaing Khaing Maw
M.A (English)AP
2Daw Htay Htay San
B.A (English), D.E.S.PL
3Daw Aye Myat Swe
M.A (English)AL
4Daw Ngu War Soe Myint
B.A (English), D.E.S.PAL

Human Resource Development

Offering courses for human resource development are as follows:

  • A polytechnic course has been conducted for two months in 2017. More than twenty students have attended in this course.
  •  A basic English speaking class in collaboration with International Organization for  Migration (IOM) has been conducted   for two months in 2018.More than thirty students  have joined in  this course.
  • Teachers from other departments who sit for their promotion examination have been shared English grammar knowledge.