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Electrical Power

The Objective of Electrical Power Course

Electricity is essential for the operation of factories, and workshops. About 70% of domestic energy is electricity. It is aimed to know students about the generation, distribution and comsumption of electrical energy by studying Electrical Power Course.

To get A.G.T.I (EP) Diploma Certificate, students have to study for three years and sit exams twice per Academic Year. The teaching method of EP Course is 60% in practical and 40% in theory. At the end of Academic Year, first year students and second year students have to go practical field trip for one month and third year students have to go internship for three months.

Class Timetable

One hour per lecture/class

Seven lecture time per day

Thirty-five hours per week

Thirty-six weeks per Academic Year (private study and examination)

Grading System

 Exam Marks (81-100) => Grade “A”

  2. Exam Marks (61-80) => Grade “B”

  3. Exam Marks (41-60) => Grade “C”

  4. Exam Marks (21-40) => Grade “D”

  5. Exam Marks (0-20) => Grade “E”

Job Opportunity

After getting A.G.T.I EP Diploma Certificate, job opportunities are:

  1. Department of Power Transmission and System Control
  2. Electric Power Generation Enterprise
  3. Ministry of Electricity and Energy
  4. Ministry of Electric Power
NoNameQualification Position
1Dr. Phyo Mon Win
phd (EP)AP
2Daw Ni Ni Aung
3Daw Soe Mya Nwe
4Daw Si Si Win
5Daw Khaing Phyu Kyaw
6Daw Ei Ma Ma
7Daw San San Wai
8Daw May Thida Than
9Daw Wai Wai Myo
10Daw Ei Ei Phyo
11Daw Thitar Win
12Daw Nyein Su Su Htwe
13Daw Sain Lai Mon
14Daw Hnin Ei Cho
BE (EP)Special Laboratory
15Daw Hnin Yu Mon
ITC (EP)Special Laboratory

Knowledge Sharing in EP Department during Covid-19 Period

Teachers in EP Department are shared Industrial Motor Control Course by Daw Thitar Win from 17.7.2020 to 18.8.2020.

Teachers in EP Department are shared Wire Splicing Course from 23.11.2020 to 26.11.2020 and Earth Resistance Measuring on 4.12.2020 by Daw Ni Ni Aung.

At the end of 2018-2019 Academic Year, 1st Year and 2nd Year students made Student’s Skill and Project Competition in GTC (Myingyan) according to corresponding courses.

Automatic Plant Watering (Soil Moisture Sensor)

Home Wiring System

Automatic Light Control System


Bell System for Staff in GTC Myingyan

Electrical Distribution System (11/.4kV)

World Youth Skill Day

EP Department of GTC (Myingyan) competed in Skills and Innovations Competitions of GTI and GTHS held in GTI (Insein) with Fire Alarm System for Building (Project Innovations) as World Youth Skill Day Commermoration and won third prize on 15.7.2018.

Field Internship သွားရောက်လေ့လာမှုမှတ်တမ်