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The branches of mechanical engineering are welding, machining, operation, CNC machine(Lathe and Milling), Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Automotive Technology. The objective of  studying mechanical engineering is to safety take of, install, maintain, experiment, produce and design machine components in factory.

The aim of mechanical engineer is to design and produce components or machine inexpensively and to use them conveniently in factory.

Class Timetable

One hour per lecture/class

Seven lecture time per day

Thirty-five hours per week

Thirty-six weeks per Academic Year (private study and examination)

Grading System

  1. Exam Marks (81-100) ð Grade A
  2. Exam Marks (61-80)   ð Grade B
  3. Exam Marks (41-60)   ð Grade C
  4. Exam Marks (21-40)   ð Grade D
  5. Exam Marks (0-20)     ð Grade E

Job Opportunity

If someone gets certificate of diploma (mechanical), the following job opportunity is will be gained:

  1. Artificer
  2. Workshop
  3. Aircon Company
  4. Machinery Sale and Service Company
  5. Car Company
  6. Black Smith
  7. Skillful Welder………etc. He/she will be able to work in private company, in company and in office.
1Daw Ohmar Khin Swe Win TunBE (Mech)AP
2U Soe Min TunBE (Mech)L
3Daw Lat Lat WaiBE (Mech)L
4Daw Zin Moe KhingBE (Mech)L
5Daw Moe Moe Myint NweBE (Mech)L
6Daw Wait Mone HtweAGTI (MP)L
7Daw Aye Su Kyi BE (Mech)Tutor
8Daw Saw Myat ThuAGTI (MP)Mechanical Techanical Grade 4