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Electronics is the field of study on DC circuits, communication systems through the employment of such DC circuits, electronic-control systems, fundamentals of PC and making of computer chips.

AGTI Diploma is a 3-year course in which two tests are administered in each academic year. 60% of the entire course is devoted to the practical with the rest to the literal works. It is a requirement that the first and second year students undergo one-month industrial tour whereas the third 3-month upon the conclusion of the academic year.

Class Timings

One period of teaching = (1 hour) /total (7 hours)

Hours of teaching per day = 7 hours (mostly)

Hours of teaching per week = 35 hours (mostly)

Weeks of teaching per academic year = 36 weeks (exam time and personal reading time)

The Grading systems

  1. Exam Marks (81-100) ð Grade A
  2. Exam Marks (61-80)   ð Grade B
  3. Exam Marks (41-60)   ð Grade C
  4. Exam Marks (21-40)   ð Grade D
  5. Exam Marks (0-20)     ð Grade E

Job Opportunity

If one gets a certificate of AGTI (EC), he (or) she will get an opportunity for these jobs of such a kind:

  1. In telecommunication company
  2. Control operator in industries
  3. An electronic technician
  4. A programmer
1Daw MickeyME (IT)AP
2Daw Myint Myint KhingBE (EC)AP
3Daw Thu Zar WinBE (EC)L
4Daw Thwe Zin HtunME (EC)L
5Daw Myint Shwe Sin AungBE (EC)AL
6Daw Moh Moh KhaingBE (EC)Tutor
7Daw Ei Ei SweAGTI (EC)Mechanical Techanical Grade 4

The activities of sharing our knowledge during the covid-19 pandemic

     U Aung Latt and Daw Mickey shared Programmable Logic Controller from (14.6.2020) to (30.7.2020).

After the end of each academic year, the students from EC department, divided into groups, usually study in actual field. These photos show how the students studied in Myanmar Radio and Television.

At the end of each academic year, AGTI students, groups into small division, have to do student’s skill and project competition. These photos show some of the activities.

In the academic years of 2018-2019, both first year students and second students could carry out student skill and competition.