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Government Technological College ( Myingyan )

The date of opening school and history

location Gaung Gwe Village, Myingyan Township, Mandalay Division
Area 30.71 acres
Date of school construction 1.5.2013
Date of school completion 11.2.2004
Date of school opening 11.3.2004
upgrading Government Technological College (Myingyan ) 20.1.2007

The Government Technological College(Myingyan) is established for the following purposes:

(1) To be able to learn engineering subjects for qualified students who have passed matriculation examination  in local

(2) To be able to study modern engineering courses

(3) To be able to produce qualified engineers who can benefit the state and citizens

(4) To nurture professionals, technicians and human resource development

Phone number and Email address:

Phone : 0662022151

Email : gtcmgn

No Name Qualification Period of service School Level
1 Daw Yi Yi Myint M.E (Civil) 11.3.2004-17.2.2005 GTI
2 U Si Thu Han M.E (Che;)Russian 17.2.2005-2.7.2007 GTC
3 Dr. Thet Thet Nwe Ph.D (Archi) 2.7.2007-29.2.2008 GTC
4 Dr. Lin Htun Naing Ph.D (EC) 1.3.2008-23.6.2008 GTC
5 Dr.Tite Sit Ph.D (Mech) 23.6.2008-20.1.2009 GTC
6 Dr. Kyaw Soe Lin Ph.D (EC) 20.1.2009-18.11.2009 GTC
7 Dr. Kyaw San Lin Ph.D (EP) 18.11.2009-18.3.2011 GTC
8 Dr. Aung Kyaw Min Ph.D (Met)Russian 18.3.2011-22.2.2016 GTC
9 Dr. Aung Zaw Htun Ph.D (Mech) 22.2.2016-23.3.2018 GTC
10 Dr. Lay Man Wint Ph.D (Mech) 23.3.2018 to now GTC

Lists of Staff (11/2020) of Government Technological College (Myingyan)

Traning Courses

The Engineering Diploma Courses  taught in the Government Technological College( Myingyan) are as follows:

1.Civil Engineering Course

2.Electronic Engineering Course

3..Electrical Power Engineering Course

4.Mechanical Engineering Course

5.Information Technology

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